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How we started


I became a grandmother in 2014.  Since then 8 more grandchildren have come on the scene. Not that long ago my oldest daughter asked me to make one of these ponchos for her two little treasures. That is how it all began.  She received so many complements on my designs that I decided to make this my post retirement career.  I love to sew, my mother was a seamstress and a great teacher.  I enjoy creating and making people happy with what ever I make.  With that I hope that all my customers will also be thrilled with their purchases.  The knitted and crochet products are my mothers creations. She has been in my care for the last 6 years and at  86 years old you think she might enjoying resting but she can not stop doing something with her hands.  She is loving the fact she is being productive, and if it makes her happy that's all that matters.

Lambton Shores, Ontario CANADA

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